Name: Mint // Lambda
Age: complicated… in his humanoid body: he looks 10, but his appearance can vary. He's over 1,000 years old, but we're never told his exact age because he wasn't born human and didn't have human concepts of time.
Team: Kunzite

Height/Build: in his humanoid body: short, slim, and definitely nonhuman. His ball joints are visible and mostly black. He's skinny, and without clothing it becomes obvious that nobody bothered making his metal frame look as human as his face.
Hair Color/Eye Color: in his humanoid body: pale green hair with red eyes.
Notable Traits: in his humanoid body: black ball joints, a connector splitting his head framed by two giant decorative screws that resembles headphones, no actual ears (just a continuation of that connector with inset microphones), black lines decorating his fake skin along his limbs… there's no fake skin on his neck, his shoulders, or his torso to even give him the illusion of humanity. This is what he looks like.

As a note, he is heavier than he looks, as all humanoids in this canon are, but he's not so heavy that he would be impossible for someone strong to lift up. He's just… made of metal and various synthetic substances instead of bone and muscle.

Other: well, his humanoid body is obviously not human, though it is made by humans! Lambda is also not human-- if you can sense headmonsters, Lambda himself is a headmonster without a host. He doesn't have the same kind of physical form as most people, though he does have a vaguely gaseous form of swirling matter that can be interacted with to some level on a physical plane. But you probably won't see that unless his humanoid body dies. … :)


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This registry is a WIP.


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bodymod: Lambda: true form (a vortex of red and black) (true form)
Skill #4: Body possession/modification of possessed bodies

This is exactly what it sounds like, but with some very necessary notes. Most important:

Lambda will never possess anyone without explicit IC and OOC permission. Read more... )

99% of the time, when possessing someone, Lambda will not control their actions. Read more... )

Lambda uses this as a way to regen energy for himself, most of the time. And nothing else. Read more... )

So… yep. He can possess people now. That sure is a thing he can do. If you think it's something you'd be interested in playing with, we can talk it out, but I cannot actually guarantee anyone that he will be interested. He is a very fickle headmonster.
bodymod: Lambda: true form (a vortex of red and black) (blank)
Skill #3: Nova Barrier

Lambda has an ability to create what is essentially a shadowy shield, but it has some really interesting limitations. It looks and sounds like this when he engages it: the moment when he leans back and there's a high-pitched gaspy noise. It should be noted that it's dispelled within seconds in that video, but if you look closely you can briefly see a shadowy black and red mist that settles over him. That's the Nova Barrier.

So let's recap:
• There's a reddish light when he engages it, along with a high-pitched whiny gasp noise.
• It looks like a vaguely misty dullness that settles over the skin and reddens the eyes.
• It greatly lessens the damage from attacks, but does not entirely negate it.
• It can be broken with nova elemental artes, hence the name. Here in Aather, you might call them instead light or lightning elemental. However, they have to connect with the Nova Barrier to break it, so sunlight shining down isn't going to do anything.

He can pass this ability along, but only to his offspring or people he's possessing. And he can't do that yet, so.
bodymod: (monster: you)
Skill #2: body creation

Lambda does not have his own body, but, thanks to this skill, he can create his own bodies! This… does not mean he can take human form. He can't. But he can make up his own bodies, so long as they are simple enough (and small enough, in Aather).

There are some limitations, of course!

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…But basically if you ever wanted to meet a Darkness-esque monster wearing a sparkly top hat and a Kunzite key, Lambda's your guy.

Image )
bodymod: Lambda: true form (a vortex of red and black) (true form)
Skill #1: Telepathy

Lambda is a symbiotic headmonster whose primary form of communication is telepathy! He primarily uses it to communicate with his host, though that's not going to happen until he gets back the skill to actually possess people. We do, however, see him use it multiple times with people he's not possessing, so here are some basic facts:

• This is not "I ransack your mind and read all your innermost thoughts" telepathy. Unless you're specifically thinking at him, he can't hear you at all. (He may or may not hear you if you're thinking directly at him-- for ease of play, I'm going to say "yes, he can," because iirc we never get a clear answer in canon.)

• It is touch-based. He can't speak in your mind or hear your thoughts if there is not physical connection between the body he's currently inhabiting (which, right now, is a small humanoid body) and the person he's talking to.

• The exception is if he's in his true form. If he's in his true form, there is more of a range, because his true form is not physical the same way a body is, and thus his consciousness is capable of extending without touching.

• Last, but not least, you might expect someone who looks like this to have a high, androgynous voice. Which he does! …if he's speaking aloud. But his voice, the real one, the one you'll hear in your head, is deep and very old.

This has Tales of Graces F spoilers, but is a good demonstration of how Lambda's telepathy works and how he sounds.
bodymod: Lambda: humanoid, looking uncertain. (humanoid: (unsure))
Memory #4: [Sig Neg] Past: Fighting his way to the shuttle. (headcanon)

A loaf of bread that will eventually get stale.

SCENE: This is headcanon, in that we know it happened but it's never shown. Basically, Lambda… fights his way to the shuttle! As humans are trying to stop them. Humanoids in general are stronger than they look and Lambda has his powers; when he's actively fighting back, he can cause some serious damage. He doesn't know if they're dead or unconscious, and he does not care, because they attacked first.

Memory #5: [Sig Neg] Past: Oh, people don't like his modded Sigma body. "Do you hate me… that much?"

A box with unlimited shares.

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bodymod: Lambda: true form (a vortex of red and black) (true form)
Hello, hello! I managed to hold out for a month and a different journal, and now I am doing a question meme. Ask me a question, then I'll ask you a question, and we'll trade off until one of us wanders off or runs out of questions.

Alternatively, if you are intimidated by question meme format or do not feel like answering questions, you can just ask. Or just not answer. Whatever! I'd love to hear about your characters because I'm a nosy person, but I'm perfectly content to just babble about mine forever. ♥

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• formerly Rabbit/Ayame/Ginshu ([personal profile] scalesfromeyes), Viola/Hermana Larmo/Vritra ([personal profile] yourmama), Teir/Qamar/Malik Ishtar ([personal profile] doubleminded)

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bodymod: Lambda: humanoid, a young boy examining wooden blocks. (humanoid: what do)
Memory #2: [Triv Neu] Past: Scientific testing.

A brightly colored egg that splits down the middle, usable 2x [used 0 times]

SCENE: This is headcanon, in that we know it happened but we don't know how. Basically, Lambda was poked and prodded, but it wasn't as invasive as some of the other instances. There's a sense of familiarity and impatience and do not want, but he tolerates it.

Memory #3: [Sig Pos] Past: Smiles and blocks. "He should live as nothing less than human."

A small arrow, usable 5x [used 0 times]

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bodymod: Lambda: humanoid, a young boy examining wooden blocks. (humanoid: what do)
Hello, friends! One of the main conceits about Lambda is that he does not have the ability to speak human language and, without his telepathy skill, he has no means of communicating in his natural way. This does have a canonical basis: he is nonverbal in all of his flashbacks, even when he has his telepathy (I'll talk more about this once he regains the skill— it's not important now).

Anyway! The problem with playing this in Aather is that I worry people are going to feel OOCly off-balance as well as IC-ly off-balance from persistent non-verbal lineface. So! Instead of a one-time question meme (though I imagine I'll be doing one of those at some point, too), I want a more permanent space where someone threading with Lambda can go WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED if they so choose.

Obviously, this information should not be used ICly; I'm deliberately avoiding "what he's actually feeling" in threads for that reason. In this state, he's supposed to be hard to understand, whether that makes your character feel protective or violently angry or annoyed or completely apathetic. But because I don't imagine it's easy to take a one-size-fits-all "I promise you are having an impact on his character development," I wanted to make this available as well.

This post will remain open and available for anyone who wants it until he regains a more normal way of communicating. Please link any thread/comment you want to ask about!
bodymod: Lambda: humanoid, looking scared. (humanoid: D8)
Memory #1: [Sig Neu] Past: Cornell's intervention; shuttle. "I am going to protect Lambda!"

Hourglass, usable 3x [used 2 times (Nagisa)] (unlimited thanks to questing.)

SCENE: Spoilers. )

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